Day 1: February ketogenic food diary

So after tanking at 84 kg on the ketogenic diet (I admit I cheated everyday) I decided to get serious with my keto diet once again.

Everyone is different and while some people may be long-term keto dieters, I’m not one of them. I think when going on a diet, it is important to understand your objectives, so that you know when you have achieved them.

Researchers back up the idea of goal-setting, and say it is one of the first things that people who achieve their goals have to do. This article really goes into depth about the science behind why goal setting works so efficiently in many parts of life. If you want to read it, here it is:

Personally, I don’t think I could keto for the rest of my life, as my goal is to to get to a healthy weight (75kg for my height) and maintain it. However, I do understand the need for me to reduce my sugar intake because left alone, I am a hardened sweet tooth.

So that’s why I’m doing this. I’m trying to restrict my carb intake to 50g if carbs a day, and if possible, document the process using this blog as my personal food diary. So here we go:

Day 1


Bullet proof coffee and an avocado for breakfast at 7am. It kept me full but I’m not gonna lie, by noon, I was hungry and desperate for food. So I hit up the avocado and egg “not a sandwich” for a snack


For lunch at 2pm, I had a salad. Contents – rocket leaf, spinach, more avocado, smoked salmon and coleslaw. I think I remembered to take the photo halfway through!



For dinner (7pm) I had cauliflower swallow with egusi soup.



I tend to buy the frozen cauliflower because cutting it from the bunch just takes time. Also, I can store these in the freezer until I need it without worrying.

Just before bed, I got a bit peckish so I had some monkey nuts

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