Day 4: February Ketogenic food diary

New day, new beginnings. I’m ready to look past my mistake of yesterday and start on a clean slate. So bullet-proof coffee and almond pancake for breakfast:

I’m trying out Alpro’s “coconut milk” for the first time. I initially bought it because it had 2.7g of carbs per 100ml but I didn’t read the small print underneath it.

Well, after trying this out, all I’ve got to say is that if you can make your own coconut milk, DO IT! If you look at the list of ingredients, you will see that this “coconut milk” only has 5.3% coconut milk! That means that it is 95% water and preservative. Explains why it only has 2.6g carb content, because it’s mostly water and preservatives! Generally, we will need to add water to extract coconut milk from the flesh, so you can’t really every get 100% concentrated coconut milk – it’s just not practical. But then 5% also isn’t too practical. So make your judgement and get something with higher coconut milk content. I usually buy Vitacoco which has 2.3g carb but is made up of 60% coconut milk – which is really evident in the taste as well. I buy it from Tesco, but they keep going out of stock – I’m guessing other people have discovered them as well!

Anyway, rant over.

Dinner: I actually didn’t feel like anything so had nothing for dinner

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