Day 12: February Ketogenic food diary

Day 12 – I can’t believe I’m almost at the halfway mark of this experiment.

So, this morning I had a bacon, an egg and an avocado.

Because I’m on my feet the whole day, I use up a lot of energy and I think I need something “extra” to keep me going. So I added an avocado to my keto fry up.


This worked because I haven’t felt a need to snack the whole morning.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch, but it was a salad as usual  – coleslaw, spinach, salmon and avocado.

Dinner – 7.10

I try not to eat past 7pm but it gets quite difficult to stick to rules like these when you’ve got small children.

For dinner, I had a coleslaw stir fry (aka crack slaw). I fried the chopped cabbage in butter, added some corned beef and a few peas. I know peas aren’t exactly keto as they are 14g carbs per 100g.

Authors differ on how many carbs you should aim for daily on the Ketogenic diet – some say 20g net carbs, some say 30g, and other say 50g. It’s up to you what you want to aim for. When trying to meet your carb goals, the general rule of thumb is to stick to items with single digits carbs per 100g. Some vegetables that could have fit this criteria better (if I hadn’t been so lazy) would have been spinach at 1.43g per 100g, or mushrooms as 2.36g per 100g.



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