Day 15: February Ketogenic food diary

Halfway there!

Well, technically, halfway was yesterday but I still think of months in terms of 30’s so I declare today halfway day! I’m so pleased to have gotten this far, and I’m still not checking the scales. I have definitely noticed that the rolls on my back are less defined – I actually cannot grab them as easily as I could in the past. This for me is a big achievement even if I end up not losing any weight at all.


Bacon, egg, avocado

Lunch :

Salad : Spinach, coleslaw, salmon, boiled egg. Please excuse my poor quality lunch photographs. It is a crowded staff room, and I can’t always easily whip my phone out to take a decent photograph of my food.

Dinner: If you guessed Cauliflower swallow and okro soup, you guess right!



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