Day 9: February Ketogenic food diary

I’m sorry guys, to have lapsed on this. I’ve had a very distressing family situation involving my baby, that has completely disorganised me. I’ve had to get police involved and as you can guess, it has been a very distressing experience.

Well, my daughter is fine and we’re back on track.

Here’s what I had for breakfast:

Bacon and eggs and ordinary (not bullet proof) coffee. I find that this combination keeps me fuller and I can afford to not snack until lunch time.

Lunch time:
It’s fish and chips day but I’m having a bacon salad!

It doesn’t look very bacon-y but I promise you, all the bacon is at the bottom.

I’ve also drank 2 cups of water and 2 cups of coffee all day. Just thought you would like to know (and advice me to drink more water)

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